Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yes I'm Still Here and Facebook Comments

It seems that Facebook is taking over the online life style these days and I confess that I am somewhat of a victim, thus the lack of posts here.  But lately I am tending to move away from Facebook.  It's just that it tends to present too much of an artificial view of those who post on it.  And it tends to sort of remove people from real communication.  On Facebook everyone's life is wonderful, their kids are beautiful, families are united, pets are cute, their diet is healthy, and the food they cook must be shared by all.

Best of all everyone needs to know about their political views, their organic diets and their veganess.  The whole thing is just way too artificial. 

When it comes to family and friends, pictures are nice, but to tell the truth I'd much rather get a single phone call or even better a video conference with Skype than see 50 pictures.  And I'd rather hear about the reality of a friend's or family member's life than the artificial one presented on Facebook.

In defense of Facebook, I do like the fact that it keeps me a bit in touch with old classmates, casual friends, new Facebook friends, and others that are not really part of my closer relationships. 

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