Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's Wrong With Italian Business

A part broke on our campers electric step.  A camper company in the UK helped me find what I needed, and quoted me a price.  In order for them to give me the best price they had to have it shipped from Germany to the UK then ship it to me.  OK, so then I asked a camper company an hour from here for a price.  You can guess what the result was.  The price from the company in the UK was still 5 euro less than the price from the dealer in Italy.  So the part will be shipped to the UK then shipped to me from there.  In another example some time ago, we needed a new fuel tank for the camper.  The Fiat dealer quoted me 600 euro, I bought one from Germany for less than 150 delivered to my door.  Is it any wonder business is in the crapper here.

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