Friday, January 27, 2012

Gnocchi Con La Ricotta Fresca

Gnocchi made with fresh ricotta, this is from the Cucina Bellunese cookbook.  It's so good and so easy to make I feel obligated to share it.  You need:

500 grams of fresh ricotta
150 g of flour
2 eggs
12 sage leaves
100 g butter
50 g grana padano, (parmigiana cheese)

Combine/mix well the ricotta, flour, eggs and a bit of salt, then let it rest in the fridge for half an hour

Boil some water make large gnocchi using two table spoons and drop them into the water, when they rise up they are done.

Put the butter and sage leaves in a frying pan and cook tell the butter starts to turn brown.  Take out the leaves and pour the butter over the gnocchi.  Serve with lots of fresh grana grated over the top.  You can also put the sage leaves on the plates and season with more salt and some pepper if you like.  It's also good if you don't have the sage, just do the butter.

Next time I make it I'll take a picture.


  1. Thank you! it has been a while that I was looking recipes for alternative gnocchi's .. Until now i always did them with potatoes, right...but I read some time ago about semolina gnocchi's and fioretto (I guess it was like is the liquid of ricotta, i guess, but i am not sure) gnocchis.

    Tomorrow i will try your recipe! Thank you for sharing!

    Raine from Vicenza region (where there was just earthquake :S )

  2. Oh man, I am totally going to make some ricotta and then make this!!! Can't wait!