Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Trani is a cute port city with a complex history.  Read about in the guide books.  We arrived in the late afternoon in our camper looking for a parking area listed in Camper Stop 2010.  I have most of their listings entered as points of interest in a map using Microsoft's Autoroute 2010.  Then I have a gps unit plugged into a laptop computer so we get real time mapping and directions.  Of course the directions sometimes take us down some un-manageable roads.  So there is always a bit of fear when we start passing through an area that seems unfit for a large vehicle.  As in this case the map took us along the port through a narrow street filled with restaurants tourists and vacationers.  The street only seemed to get smaller as we moved along.  But finally it opened up into the parking area which you can see in the pictures.  We were able to park there nearly in the middle of the city free overnight.  In the evening we had a nice walk around the city and one of our few dinners out - seafood of course.

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