Thursday, March 17, 2011

150 Years

Today Italy is celebrating 150 years since the unification of the
country. Before comeing here I had thought that Italy had been a
country almost forever. I mean there were the Romans. But in fact
after the Romans there were many invading nations and various rulers.
The country was divided into small city states and regions each with
it's own government of one sort or another, or the various areas were
ruled by foreign powers.

Today the feeling of unification is not universal, but it seemed that
today at least everyone was celebrating Italy. Our town had it's own
raising of the flag and a long winded speach by the mayor and there
are lots of flags hanging around.

Luisa made lunch with a pasts of the three colors of the flag, tomatoe
sauce, pesto and gargonzola. All were good.


  1. Driving around Vicenza, I saw dozens of il Tricolore but somehow I expected more. In our limited travels, it seems as though the locals associate themselves with the region first and being Italian second. Have you noticed that or was I mistaken?

  2. You are right there does seem to be more local loyalty than to the nation as a whole. The US seems way to carried away with all the flag waving. I saw a picture of the president the other day. Behind him were I don't know exactly maybe six or more flags, why not just one. Also in the North of Italy there are a lot of people against the unification at least as it relates to the South, which they view as a giant sink hole sucking up all their taxes while the people there don't pay their fare share. I'm not saying that's my opinion; I don't really know.