Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's He Going to do Now?

He doesn't understand that American is way past the time of moving forward in a civil manner. He can't work with people who's stated goal is to run him out of office - make him a one term president. So his only hope is to re-evaluate what it was that got him elected and then act in what ever way he can as president without the help of congress. He might start by ordering the troops home from those wars that only serve to take the lives of our troops and do nothing for American security. But the sad truth is that in spite of being beat up, lied about and kicked in the face he won't stand up and fight back. He will continue to live in the fantasy that there is such a thing as real honest politics - too bad. The American people had a chance to have a real president who was for them, the common man that makes up the majority, and now I fear it's completely lost.

Oh well, I think it's time I learned to Tango, and just put on a happy face.

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