Monday, October 25, 2010

Prostate Cancer

One of my neighbors recently came back from his prostate cancer surgery and I'm reminded that prostate cancer is a curable disease if caught early.  He is only 52 and I've a feeling that his was not found as early as mine was and that his prognosis may not be as good.  The thing that bothers me is that I still read that testing ( psa, free psa and rectal exams) is still not fully recognized as statistically saving lives.  It is true that most men, something like 80% will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives and for most they will die of something else before the cancer gets them.  I guess I don't care much about statistics.  I'd rather see lives saved and suffering reduced even if it means that some needless biopsies will be done and there will be some added costs to the medical system.

Men get tested after age 40 and women make your men do it.  For me I'm still prostate cancer free after 3 years and living a totally normal life and glad I asked my doctor to prescribe the tests.

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