Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog update

I haven't been inspired lately to update the blog, not sure why.  It's partly that I'm spending too much time on Facebook and partly that I'm not sure where I want to go with it.  I'm tending to lately be more interested in politics than talking about how wonderful Italy is.  Anyway I think I will get back to it.  Below is a little note about a kind of computer miracle I experienced lately.

I got a suggestion from a UK camper web site I fallow to buy a usb data box to hold a 2.5" hard drive in order to save the info on a dead laptop.  I bought one and proceeded to take the hard drives out of the three dead laptops I have here.  One of the laptops a Toshiba which had been given to me by my wife's brother and a bit old was put away because the cursor kept wandering all over the screen and it was often shutting itself off.  Anyway I saved the pictures and stuff on it's hard drive then formatted it.  In the process I found the hard drive had a virus.  So I had the inspiration to turn on the computer and see if it switched itself off without the hard drive in.  No it kept on working, so I put back the hard drive, still working, then I installed windows 7, still working.  End result, I have a fully working laptop with the latest version of windows, that so far seems to be working just fine.  My daughter is happy as I already bought a new one and she gets access to the old one

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