Monday, July 19, 2010

New TV generation

So we finally upgraded our tv to a Samsung LE40C650.  It's not state of the art but a good middle of the road you might say.  It is really a big leap for us.  It has all the connections, including internet and our local network.  Se we can see all of the photos stored on my PC in large format without hooking anything else up to the tv, we can watch netflix movies from the US by connecting my laptop and using Hotspot shield to disguise the fact that we are not in the US.  A really great thing that I hadn't thought about before is that it accepts all the various broadcast formats including PAL and NTSC, which means that we can now see all the old videos that were made with our video camera that only outputs in the US format NTSC, that is cool.  The thing missing right now is that even though it is HD capable we don't have any HD devices or on air broadcasts.  That is the next project.

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