Monday, April 19, 2010

Degrading Women in Italy

Last night we, Luisa and I,  were channel surfing and started watching this terrible show on Mediaset 1.  They paired nerdy smart guys with beautiful stupid young women.  The women, all young and very nice looking were dressed to the sexual max and the guys probably dressed themselves.  Then they put the girls on a table in front of the guys one couple at a time and asked the girls to identify some pictures of famous Italians, like an ex president for example.  It would have been in the US like asking someone to recognize a picture of Gerald Ford or even Bill Clinton.  They did not recognize any of them and the host gave them a bunch of hints until they finally sort of sounded out the names.  Then they had to do a sexy dance on top of the table in front of the guys who couldn't decide if they should look up their skirts or not.  We kept it on too long hoping that at least one of the girls would answer at least one question, but none did.  Well I have to admit I don't mind looking at the girls, but how degrading can these TV producers get.  We turned it off before really understanding what the point was if there was one. 

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  1. Sounds like Beauty and the Geek.
    In the end they get paired in couple as teams to try to break down sterotype barriers (get the women to believe in themselves and prove themselves smart and the men to gain confidence and style) and one couple wins some crazy amount of money a the end.
    It's embarrassing that I know this show...while I was sick I surfed a lot on and ran across it either the OZ version or the US, can't remember now that my fever broke. lol

    My favorite question was: Who wrote Beethoven's 5th Symphony?
    answers were:
    I don't know.


    I don't read books. Only magazines.

    Wasn't he a big dog in a movie?