Thursday, February 4, 2010

One of the World's best places to eat lunch

I've written about this before, but having just finished another tour of the Sellaronda I have to comment again.  I'm talking about skiing.  I did the tour today with 4 other men.  It takes around 4 hours or so depending on how fast and how many stops one makes.  It's a tour around a group of mountains where one goes through 4 big mountain passes and through I'm sure maybe eight different ski resorts that are all connected.  It's a lot of fun and pretty much all intermediate skiing.  It's a tour of the Dolomites on skis, the views are just the best in the world, beautiful mountains and valleys covered in snow.

What does it have to do with lunch.  Well the thing is, which I think is somewhat unique in Italy, scattered throughout the mountains at various stopping points are refugios, places of refuge, which in days past and in some cases today serve as resting places for hikers.  In many one can eat and spend the night.  But in reality most are great little restaurants.  Today we stopped high up on the mountain, the restaurant has a large deck outside full of tables.  The food is Italian, and it's true that Italians don't stand for bad food.  The service is remarkably fast, almost too fast.  I mean as soon as we sat down the waitress arrived took our orders which were all served in the time it took me to go to the bathroom.  And we are not talking about fast food, though much is pre-prepared.  But what makes it so fantastic is just sitting there in the sun after having skied hard for a couple of hours surrounded by one of the most beautiful views in the World.

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