Monday, January 25, 2010

Nice Weekend Skiing

We took the camper up to Pecol which is about an hour by car and a little more in the camper.  For the last 100 meters I had to put on the chains which is not so much fun on those big wheels but I'm getting better at it.  The reward was being able to park right next to the ski run that connects a chair lift with a gondola.  So we were really just a couple of meters from it.  On Sunday I actually skied right up to our door.  Anyway we all skied on Saturday all day from about 9:30 to 4:00 just stopping for lunch back at the camper.  It was really a perfect day full of sun and great snow.  Skiing in Italy is really a treat for those of us who don't have a desire to kill ourselves doing moguls on the supper step.  There are some steep runs but they are generally nicely groomed.

Sunday the kids decided that they would rather play in the snow so I just went out for a couple of hours.  Having a season pass takes a lot of the pressure off.  That is one can go for a short time without having to buy an all day ticket then feeling guilty for not using it.  I've used it 10 times so far so a few more and the rest is free.

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