Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Too Sentimental

I have decided to take Julia skiing every Wednesday after school instead of giving her formal lessons.  It's also meant to be a kind of father daughter time.  But yesterday we invited a girlfriend of hers to come along.  We all had a great time skiing for just a couple of hours.  My sentimental moment came as I watched the two of them skiing along on a pretty flat area ahead of me.  They were laughing and talking about silly stuff that only a 10 and 12 year old can enjoy; I began to imagine them some years in the future as adults doing the same thing, but having new things to talk about, children, work, husbands, boy friends, good times and bad.  I became sad thinking I wouldn't be there to see that but also happy to think and hope that they might still be friends able to enjoy something together partly because I gave them this little experience.

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  1. And as Julia is skiing along with her friends talking about 'life stuff' she will be remembering the days when it was you skiing beside her. You sound like a great dad!