Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chicken Tortilla Soup

I'm into developing one pot meals these days. It's partly because of a desire to cook good food in our camper. So I came up with this the other day kind of by accident. You know Italians use a pressure cooker a lot. I refer to it as the Italian microwave. I've seen my mother in law have two going at the same time. Anyway this can be done and on the table in say less than half an hour, if you use the pressure cooker otherwise cook it in a conventional way. It just takes longer. It's also inspired by Erin's chicken soup and a soup served at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Encinitas California.


1 whole large chicken breast skinned
2 onions
olive oil
white cooking wine
tortilla chips
salt, pepper
various seasonings as you like garlic for example.
some nice cheese grated, maybe cheddar.

Cut up the two onions, put them in the pressure cooker with some olive oil and saute them until they start to turn clear. Put in the chicken breasts cover the chicken with white wine while it's still cooking away. Add your seasoning, salt, pepper, etc. Add two or three cups of water depending on how much soup you want. Close up the pressure cooker keeping it on high until it closes up and starts to steam. Then turn the heat down to the lowest setting and let it cook for about 15 minutes. When done take out the breast and shred it with a fork.

Serve the soup in bowls adding some of the chicken, tortilla chips on top and then sprinkled with cheese. Add a little hot sauce if you like.

It's good.

You could also add some carrots to the soup mix when you start if you like or maybe some other vegtables.

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