Monday, October 12, 2009

Pressure Cooking

Risotto made in the pressure cooker, takes about 15 minutes start to finish.

Zucchini, half a red onion or some green onions, olive oil, saute for a couple of minutes, add 1 cup arborio, 1/2 cup white wine, let it cook down a little, add 2 cups water, some salt, a little butter, put the lid on the pressure cooker, heat on high until it starts to steam, leave on very low burner for about 10 minutes, open it up add more butter, cheese parmigiana, stir cook down a little if too much liquid, put it in the bowl sprinkle more cheese, fresh parsley, and if you are Californian sprinkle some spicy hot red salt on top. Don't tell anyone you cooked it in the pressure cooker.
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