Tuesday, September 8, 2009

corso Buenos Aires

Di questo corso, Hemingway ha detto: "That's my home", qui mi sento in America".

"That's my home, here I feel like I'm in America." He also said which I can't find the quote something like it being where the real life of Italy exists. Luisa's parents home is just a block away and I've spent a lot to time there, most of it fallowing her around to all the various shops. It's always full of people no matter the day, but Saturday is of course the worst. For a country boy it takes a lot of getting used to, a New Yorker would feel right at home I imagine, but I am beginning to appreciate it.

We hit the stores there today and fitted out the kids for school. Great fun, Giovanni wore a new shirt home from the store and I think Julia will be the prettiest girl in her school, well she doesn't need new clothes for that but they help.

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