Saturday, August 15, 2009

Everyday Beauty and another excuse to eat too much

It's too easy to ignore the beauty here sometimes. Yesterday we drove along a road we have passed many times especially in the winter to go skiing. It fallows a river and steep glacier cut mountains rise on either side. This time of year everywhere one looks one sees a lush mix of colors tending towards green, with a splendid blue and white sky above. The restaurant has probably been there for a hundred years but we just drove by thinking it was nothing. Someone else decided to try it for lunch. Inside it has the original rustic character but it seems the cook is well trained and somewhat modern. Thus we see traditional dishes cooked and presented in a mix of old style and modern. Presentation makes a difference and they do it well. But of course the food must be well prepared and it is. I'll just mention the deserts as an example. A simple dish of vanilla ice cream served in a little bowl on a rectangular plate, with a separate little square cup of chocolate sauce a small cookie and three red berries. Then there is the "cornucopia", a large round plate, a freshly made cone of sweet pasta, flowing out of it a golden mouse, sweet but not too sweet, reddish berries over it and a little sprig of mint. The plate sprinkled with white powdered sugar and a swirl of chocolate.

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