Tuesday, July 21, 2009

At the Beach, Bibione

A few pictures of a day trip to the beach with all the kids and my
granddaughter Davis.


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  2. I have just now discovered your blog. I spent some time scanning through your entries, especially if something caught my eye - pertaining to my situation ... but I will take the time to read more. Your pictures are lovely.

    I am an American woman, a single parent of a 9 year-old-girl. I have just begun a quest ... to find a way to live and work overseas, preferrably Italy or Greece - but any perfectly good reason could persuade me from one place to another ... next year.

    I am beginning with Italy, as I asked a traveled friend who has 2 teenage kids - where he thought would be the best place for my daughter and me to spend a year or more. He immediately said, "Italy", and when I asked "Why" ... just ask quickly as I had asked - he answered, "They love children there." so - Italy is where I begin ... He says "Roma" is the city to be.

    So - I research - and imagine - and try to stay focused - and not get discouraged. My daughter is entering 4th grade this year. It is a college prep school, affiliated with Nova Southeastern University. My daughter, as are many of her classmates, is advanced compared to an advanced Florida public school student. We would make our move next summer - so she would start her 5th grade overseas (scuola elementare). I would like her to attend a school which is just as challenging as she attends now.

    As far as work ... I have earned my certificate to teach pre school from NSU - and studied elementary education at USF. Most of my employment has been as an "administrative assistant" or "office management" position. To be a personal assistant, with fluent English skills, and a love for children ... would suit me perfectly !

    I think I've said enough - perhaps I should start my own blog ... perhaps I will ... (: Is there any advice or direction you could offer someone in my position?

    I understand the warmest climate is North - but not much goes on there. Where are there good schools (I would of course want my daighter to learn Italian as well as being taught in English.)? Where are good areas for children, single mothers, safe, with character ...

    One last note - after college - I visited the Virgin Islands - and ended up living there permanently for 10 years - in my 20's & 30's ... and moved on to Key West until 1999 - when my daughter was born (in 2000). I've done a bit of traveling in Central / South American, most of the Caribbean Islands, and have visited Europe with my family - unfortunately, not Italy or Greece.

    I guess I am trying to say - I am a traveler - a risk taker - I like alternative living ... and love to experience all types of people and places. I want this for my daughter as well.

    Interested in what you have to say ... Thanks, Beth (:

  3. Beth, click on Expats in Italy in my links section. There you can have all your questions answered about moving to Italy.

    I can only write about my experience living in Belluno. It's rated very highly in many areas including as a place for children and it was rated no. 1 for environmental issues. But it is not the area that most Americans think of when they dream about living in Italy. It's a typical mid size Northern city, lots of rain, some snow in the winter, very low crime, hard working people that are a bit closed. Even if you speak fluent Italian there are few job opportunities other than teaching English.

  4. It seems you had a captivating vacation. Congrats! It was a good choice.