Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Plaza Project Comes Together

We started this project a few years ago with a sketch done for free at
the request of some local citizens who weren't happy with the design
that won a competition for a plaza in Pradipozzo a little village that
is part of Portogruarro. The final design is a lot different from
what we started with but the concept is the same. That is we wanted
to create a space that would actually be used by the local residents.
The well or pozzo in Italian was built many years ago and had to stay.
The big bench in the middle serves as a place to sit, a bandstand, or
maybe a place for kids to play. The trees will provide shade in the
summer and give the area a more human scale. The overall project
conisists also of revisions to traffic flow, and a new parking area
for the stores on the other side of the street.

1 comment:

  1. very nice! want to come to Turin and re-do the small piazza close to our house? all the best with future projects, jenna