Monday, May 18, 2009

Julia's Communion

We didn't take a camera to the church as they said they weren't
allowed. That's funny as I told Luisa before, this is Italy there
will be cameras and there were. Ya gotta love this country for that.
Anyway they had professional photographers there also so we will get

It was a nice service, I felt very good seeing my littlest daughter
welcomed into communion with the church. I wish my older ones would
consider it. But that's another story. After the mass we had 24
adults and 14 kids packed into our little apartment. But it's wasn't
bad, most had to stand. The food was a combination of efforts between
me, Luisa, Luisa's mom and the super market's prepared foods. It all
turned out great and we had food left over so we know everyone had

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  1. Congratulations to your charming and lovely young daughter. That cake looks mighty fine too.