Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ignoring the Blog

I've been ignoring it lately, no good reason, just seems to be other things to do.  It's been cold here in Belluno, must be Winter.  And we had some snow on the ground for a while, but it's all been washed away by lots of rain.  There is still plenty on the mountains around us.  We have been skiing a fair amount.  I went with a couple of male friends on Tuesday, really skied hard all day in some fresh snow.  I kept up with them inspite of that fact that they were both 20 years younger, but I will admit to being very tired by the end of the day.  A virus has had it's way with Luisa and the kids but so far I've avoided it.  

This weekend we intend to take off in the camper for a couple of days of skiing.


  1. Hi John, Hi Luisa

    my name is Letizia, I am italian and I am raising my child bilingual. I'm contacting you because I imagine you also are a bilingual family, sorry if I do so via a comment, but i wouldn't know how to otherwise.

    I have realised that bilingual families are often pretty much on their own, it is difficult to find other bilingual children the kids can play with and is also difficult to find someone with whom one can share doubts and concerns regarding bilingualism.

    So I have a blog on bilingualism:, and I am organizing Playgroups for bilingual children.

    I have seen your blog and I thought that may be you would be interested in sharing some ideas, and certainly you could have plenty on tips to give to less experienced parents (like me...). Most parents raising their kids bilingual are full of doubts, hearing the experience of someone who has already gone through it would help immensely.

    By the way my blog is mainly in Italian because it’s meant to address all bilingual families living in Italy or having Italian among their portfolio of languages, whatever their other languages might be. However if you visit it and you'd like to comment on it please feel free to do so in English if you wish, 80% of my current readers will understand you perfectly.

    I hope I haven't bothered you, and I'd be delighted to hear from you.

    Wish you all the best,


  2. No bother at all I think it's a good idea what you are doing. I will check out your blog.