Sunday, December 7, 2008

Racism in America

Even though we have now elected our first black (well half black)president racism seems alive and well. In the past week for example I've gotten two emails as a point of reference. One was in my junk mail box, a long tirade about how they are filling laws suites in every state to get Obama to prove he is really a US citizen, this from a so called conservative group. The other most disturbing was one from I'm sorry to say a close relative that is being passed around the internet that shows the Sara Palin imitators next to pictures of her and then shows Obama next to Alfred E. Neuman the Mad Magazine character and his wife next to a monkey.

It's been a few days since I got these but I can't stop thinking about them. It's also interesting to note that last night an Italian friend asked me if I was surprised that people actually voted for Obama. The fear around the World being that racist Americans might say one thing to the poll takers and do another in the privacy of the voting both. Well I guess the suprise and the good thing is that a majority didn't.

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