Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank You Fellow Americans

Yesterday you restored my faith in my country. It's been really difficult watching what has happened to the US over the last 8 years especially for the 3 that I have been in Italy. I don't think most Americans even those who saved us yesterday really understand how much we have been looked down upon, how much we are feared, and how much we are disliked even hated by the rest of the world. Nor do they realize how important the world's opinion of the US is to the country and it's people. We really do live in a global society and economy and it is really important that we be a good member of that society, a good citizen. The Bush idea that you are either with us or against us just doesn't work in today's world.

I just hope that the damage done by the Bush years is not so overwhelming that it can not be overcome.


  1. jhelm....I mean't to post my comment here but I sent an email...Sorry! :-)

  2. I'm Italian and I just "stomped" into your blog. I Like it very much. When I heard about Obam being elected, some tears rolled in my face. Hopefully he'll change things. And I also hope that sometimes, in the future, Italy will have an enlightned Prime Minister..Best regards. Arte

  3. I certainly hope that Obama is able to make some serious changes. He will be under a lot of pressure from both sides so we will have to wait and see. But if the judgement of the world means anything he will have a lot of people and countries on his side should he remain true to his promises.