Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogging and Camping

Well I did get a couple of nice comments on my bloq question. I like the idea of being thought provoking. Sometimes I wonder how much I should say here about how I feel about things. I think I should say more.

We made a tour this weekend to check out possible places to park during the ski season. It was a bit disappointing. Seems so many places have signs saying no campers. I'm not sure if they can ban them or not as in Italy a camper is considered just like a car as far as parking goes. And you are not camping unless you have stuff outside the perimeter of your car/camper. So I have to do some research. The camp grounds are few and pretty expensive. And we don't need them for a two night stay. We are totally self contained for at least that long. Why would I want to pay around 40 euro just have a place to park. I think the problem is that people in campers don't spend much in the local areas. So hotel owners restaurants, and locals just don't like them.

Anyway it's a beautiful time of year here. Lots of Fall colors and today was full of sunshine. I will post some pictures.

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