Monday, September 8, 2008

Summer is ending

We have had a long Summer vacation with the kids being out of school over 3 months. A week from today they start back to school. The kids haven't been bored, they seem to always find something to do and we have kept them busy with our trips in the camper a bit of day camp and some swimming lessons. I suppose they are ready to start back. It will be good to have them busy again with school, but I hate being tied to the clock. I'm a bit spoiled having my office in my home means we don't usaully have to stick to a schedule, but with school we do. The alarm will start going off again next Monday.

The big dilema now is what extra programs to put them in. Julia has been studying dance the last few years but she is not that excited about it. She will also try volley ball this year and I will insist they both do skiing lessons. After this year they will both be good enough in skiing to just take the occasional lesson unless they want to get more serious about it. Giaovanni, we are not sure what to do with him, swimming maybe and what else we are not sure.

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