Monday, July 14, 2008

Sun Tans

Big discussion on the expat website about Italians, especially women, spending too much time tanning in the Summer. There is a tradition that at least two weeks every Summer are spent at the beach, more if possible. During that time the main goal is to get as dark as possible. Of course not everyone does this, Luisa for example has always found it to be too boring. The schedule is like this. Rise fairly early get to the beach by 9 the kids play the parents chat and lay in the sun. Around noon or so, go back to the camp, apartment or hotel for a big lunch followed by a rest. Finally return to the beach around 3 or 4 and stay until 7, go home, eat, go out if you don't have kids, and then repeat the same thing the next day.

Many women in Italy still think that tanning is good for their looks. This works great for the under 30 generation, but one does notice many of the women in their early 40's that look much older. The sun doesn't do the face or skin in general any favors as far as the aging process goes.

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