Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pressure Cooking

Most Italian cooks have at least one but they seem to be falling out of favor In the US we don't tend to use them much. The microwave is much more popular for fast cooking. Recently I found myself with nothing to read in the evening so I resorted to reading the introduction to my pressure cooker cook book. Today with energy on everyones mind. The pressure cooker deserves a good look. Not only does it reduce cooking time and increase retention of nutrients but the total energy consumed must be close to one tenth of that consumed by normal cooking. Try cooking a chicken in 15 minutes, resoto or polenta in 8 and no sturring for 45 minutes over a boiling spattering pot.


  1. I've recently been converted to pressure cooker cooking after two microwaves have conked out on me in 18 months, the latest one with bad smells and strange noises. As you say, it will cook a chicken and veggies and produce good stock in very little time. And - lol - the pressure cooker I'm using was my mother's and as older than I am because it was Dad's oh-so romantic birthday present to her in 1963!

  2. We have one just as old I'm sure, it was in the old house we live in here, belonged to a cousin or something. I used it this weekend in the camper, worked great, cooked chicken thighs and drumsticks, in a bit of spice and white wine - 25 minutes, everyone thought it was tasty and moist.