Friday, June 6, 2008

Staying Fit Looking Young

People ask John how do you do it, stay so young looking at your age. Well actually no one ever asks me that, but I want to talk about anyway. Really my secret is to drink a lot of wine, and eat plenty of salty greasy snaks. The wine and the snacks are my weakness. Otherwise I do all right with the food. But I think the important thing to remember in keeping one's physcial fitness as one ages is to make the effort part of everything one does. For example: the little things we do everyday make a difference, practice your balance by always putting on your socks and shoes standing on one foot rather than sitting down, stretch your legs by reaching down to the floor without bending the knees, unless picking up something heavy. Take the stairs always. Walk whenever you can rather than taking the car. The idea is to make things we have to do anyway part of an overall fitness program, I'm sure you can come up with your own ideas. One really needs to be stuborn and not accept the aging process as a given, of course it is, but we don't have to just sit back and get fat and weak. Are you 30 something and think it's not important to excercise. Don't kid yourself, the body starts going downhill after 20 something. Take care of yourself and at 65 you might ski better than you ever have, or swim 2k. It's really amazing how much one can do if one takes moderate care of oneself.

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