Sunday, May 4, 2008


Wildcamping, that's what the English call motorhome camping outside of an organized camping area with facilities, like electricity, showes, toilets, etc. and of course security. So far in our three weekends out including this last four days we have camped in a campground once and Wild camped in several areas. It seems to be quite popular here in Northern Italy. I'm not so sure about the south. We've had great fun, camped next to the water in a fishing village in the Po River Delta, took a long bike ride through the marshes to visit a light house, the kids learned how they harvest clams, and mussels first hand from the fisherman. Then we camped near one of the old basilicas near Ravenna and finally parked right next to the beach for one night, about an hour north of there.

The beach parking was interesting, it reminded us of the coast of southern California where one can sometimes park right next to the beach. The main difference is that in California one can't spend the night. There were many other campers there and we were able meet a few other people. I guess what got it started was me asking about claming. I noticed a few people out in knee deep water collecting small clams. So I started asking questions. Once informed I grabbed a bucket and started digging myself. One just digs down a couple of inches and there they are. I managed to get enough for a great spagetti and clam sauce lunch today. Wow, eating them in a restaurant will never be the same, so sweet and tasty. I will post some pictures tomorrow.

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