Friday, February 8, 2008

Ski Lessons

Well Giovanni is back at the ski lessons. He's 6 remember. It's dry here, out our window we can see the slope he is skiing on, too far away to see him. We arrive at the parking lot at 1:15, it's warm for here, clear sky. A couple other cars are there with kids waiting for the bus. Ours is all decked out in his very professional looking ski suit, it's mostly bright orange which I thought was a great color for him, very visible kind of like these vests they make you put on if your car breaks down on the road here. When we ski together my greatest fear is that he will get hit by another skier so I think the suit helps.

We wait I'm sitting on the open back of our car, other kids arrvive, some of the girls are in a racing class so they have on these tight racing suits with baggy shorts over them. They are cute and very serious looking. Eventually the bus arrives, Giovanni's friend from school is sick so he gets on the big bus by himself, probably he's the youngest on the bus. We stand back and watch the bus leave, thinking he looks so small on such a big bus. Luisa wonders if he isn't too young to go off like that by himself. But I think back to the day before when I picked him up after the lesson, he was proud of himself for having bought and received the proper change for a small box of candy from a vendor who parks at the ski area selling stuff to all the kids. He seems to return with more confidence in himself than when he left. Says his instructor calls him by his last name Helm, it's cute. I can just hear it, "hey Helm, move your butt, Helm stop going off the edge of the run, hey Helm ---

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  1. Hey John,

    I can remember being a five year old and seeing a set of skis for kids at the local thrift store. I begged for those skis... my mom laughed.

    It wasn't until I was in high school that I was able to go skiing (snowboarding actually), and even at that age I was so jealous of the little ski-brats (as we called them) that were zipping around the slopes like there was nothing to it, while I sat cursing in the snow from my most recent fall...

    I'm quite good on the board now, but only after a few seasons of pain and frustration. It would have been so much easier as child.

    Your doing a great thing by getting them out there while they are young and flexible. It will serve them well on the slopes for the rest of their lives.

    Ciao, Gioele (from expats)