Monday, December 3, 2007

Blog Comments

Seems that about 15 people a day look at my blog, not a lot but at least there is some interest. The thing is that few people make comments. I'd like to hear from those of you who come here. Tell my why you came, what interests you etc.


  1. I am one of those bad people who visit a lot of blogs and never leave a comment. I always think that no one is interested in what I have to say. My husband was born in Italy, but lived most of his life in Ct. He is still an Italian citizen. When he went to Pratola Peligna this year for two weeks to visit his family I went online to research all things Italian. I came across many Italian blogs of american (and other) expats (including yours). It gave me good insight on how things work over there in Bel Paese.

  2. WEll, I am a newbie to your blog...introduced to it by daughter number 1.
    That'd be me, Tammy, poking around once in a while but not saying too much...
    I am learning all about Swiss Moms- full of extreme patience but I am surprised lately by how the parents give so much freedom and independence to 9 year olds and older...I am still there day and night (until exhaustion hits and I too crash on the couch or in bed) and yet many of the Swiss moms I know are enjoying a book as they sip coffee on an early evening while I drive their kid to and from soccer or other activites--- it is either I bring their kid or their child has to walk alone in the dark at 7pm .... I havent been able to understand it yet.... I'd rather be exhausted everyday knowing I gave my all to my kids than cozy under a blanket with a good book.

  3. Interesting comment, I think it has a lot to do with Swiss parents feeling that their kids are safe on the streets even at night. Perhaps with all the immigrants the are a bit over confident. Anyway we feel like you, Julia is 8and I doubt that next year she will be even walking to school alone. People who have grown up here think it's a very safe community, but generally they don't let their kids walk home alone. That I guess is just part to the overprotectiveness of Italian parents.

  4. Hi,

    I saw your post on Expats about doing consulting in Italy. I'm from Los Angeles and bought a little house in Italy about 4 years ago. Over the last few years I was fortunate enough to travel to Italy fairly frequently, but I just recently started a new job and won't be returning for a while.
    My dream is to find some work that would permit me to work about 2-6 months a year in Italy while the rest of the time in Los Angeles. I've been in the restaurant business for past 20 years in upper management positions. I am an Irish citizen with an EU passport and I'm praying for a miracle. If you know someone who needs an expensive restaurant consultant let me know.

  5. When I first read this I thought it said inexpensive restaurant consultant, is that what you meant to say? Because expensive doesn't have a good ring to it as far as Italians are concerned. Anyway I appreciate you making a comment here and maybe as architects something will come up from one of our future clients.

  6. Italy is my dream place and somehow reading your blog takes me there. Thanks for that favor.

    And allow me to say what a great couple you are.


  7. Hey John,

    Gioele from expatsinitaly...

    The blog looks great and you don't have to worry about someone hijacking a blogspot site!


  8. found your blog on the ex-pats site. we will most likely be moving to Italy or Switzerland in Late 2011 after I finish my Nursing degree. We have our dual citizenship. What interests me about your blog is the fact the you have children as well. I am trying to get a feel for the lifestyle from an american who has relocated...thanks. Joe & Susan Paoletta, Ohio