Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fear of the Bidet

So we had someone here renting the apartment of a relative for 6 days, a really nice retired couple. When he saw the bidet his comment was "oh a bidet great for washing the feet". Now I ask you why such a comment or any comment at all. Well I think it's out of fear of something that some people shall we say mostly American type people associate with that other nasty word Sex. To them it's this foreign thing that them darn foreigners use after having sex. And anything to do with sex should not be made so visible. Those things should be hidden like breasts at a Super Bowl game. But then there is the other source of fear that is the fear of the unknown, people just don't know what it's for and therefore they fear it and feel obligated to make some silly comment when they first see one.

So what is that nasty little bowl with the faucet attached? Well it's a sink close to the floor or a mini bath tub. What's it for, it's for washing stuff. Yes of course it's handy after sex. But once one gets used to it being there, one finds all sorts of uses for it. Short people as in kids use it to wash their hands, even dare I say brush their teeth. It is useful for washing feet especially the feet of the little rug rats who would otherwise go to bed with dirt ladden feet. It's good for soaking laundry, and depositing wet bathing suits. As you can see it has many many uses. But it's main use remains that of a good place to wash that area between the legs, Italian kids are taught, more in the past than now, to use it after going poop, and little girls and boys who are too tired to take a bath find it handy to clean themsleves a bit before going to bed keeping mommy at least somewhat satisfied. And finally I'll admit my love of the bidet comes mostly from the mini shower aspect, saving lots of toilet paper.


  1. Message to the North American and all those that don't understand it: Why is the bidet thought as a dirty thing anyway? I'm italian and I use the bidet, because downthere is not clean all the times, especially women and their periods and discharges, so, how do you do it if you take a shower once a day or so? You stink! Poor your husband and those that come close to you!

  2. That is funny, I've heard the same comment about the feet washing so many times. I grew up in the States without ever seeing one, let alone using it, but now I'd don't know how I'd get by without it.

  3. Well our kids do use it to wash their feet. But anyway it's just a sink that's close to the floor. And we all have things to wash. I think the problem is still that it's as I said a kind of a symbol. It represents sex, which is not supposed to be visible.