Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July & Italian Healthcare

We pretty much missed it in fact it was totally ignored here. Were we are we only know of one other American a young mom married to an Italian. So it was hard to get into the spirit. I was hoping we could take the kids to Aviano the big US air force base not far from here as they put on an airshow and some good ol American activities. But I was disappointed to find out that only people with a DOD id card and their guests were allowed in. Seems totally unfair. Someone who happens to work in the kitchen can bring in any person of any nationality, but a US citizen with a US passport represents a danger to the US military. What happeded here.

I've also been absent a bit lately as I found out I have one of those diseases everyone fears, but the good news is that it's at a maybe, hopefully, probably totally curable stage. I'll be having some surgery the first week of September. It's been a couple of weeks of a lot of ups and downs. Living in Italy healthcare is very accessable, but it seems that it also helps to have friends and relatives who work in the system. I thank God for my extended Italian family.


  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather and I pray all goes well with you!!! Yes, the world health organization ranks Italy's health care system as #2 in the world, hope you are better soon...

  2. I late in replying to your comment, just know I really appreciated it. I will be having surgery Sept. 4 in Padova, by surgeons using DiVinci robot aided laproscopy, removing the prostate. No fun but my outlook is for a full cure. Hopefully it goes that way.