Friday, May 11, 2007

What's your day like?

I have noticed that even though we don't get a ton of viewers you are coming from all over the World. So tell me what is your day like. Mine is like this:

We get up at 7am, I make a pot of American style coffee from coffee we grind. Then I check the email and read a little news on the internet. Luisa and the kids get up she does most of the morning work with the kids as I'm not a morning person. It takes me some time to start functioning. At around 7:45 I take Julia our daughter to school either walking or in the car if we are late. Sometimes we also manage to get Giovanni going to preschool then too, otherwise Luisa takes him around 9.

Then it's across the hall to our office where we work until lunch time on some days I take off around 11:45 to swim at the local pool. It's a great facility, all enclosed so it's good also in the winter. When I swim Luisa eats lunch by herself and I eat when I get back. On the other days we eat together.

In the afternoon it's back to the office around 4:00 it's time to pick up the kids. They have after school sports, swimming lessons, dance classes etc. So it's always a bit hectic until around 6:30. On various days since much of our work is in California I'm on the phone or sending email in the evening. This can go on until 10:00 when I usually put the VOIP phone on do not disturb.

We share the cooking, kitchen cleaning, putting kids in bed, etc. so that takes us through dinner and until 9:30 or so. Around that time Luisa sits down for the first time in a few hours and almost immediately falls asleep. I watch TV, ck email or read and then it's off to bed. That's it, pretty standard, and not so different from life anywhere.

Of course there are differences here in Italy but they mostly involve things outside the daily routine.

So lets hear from you, what did you do today?


  1. Wow, your day sounds very relaxed all things considered!

  2. OK -- the morning, much like you and L. only for us read "us and baby parrot.....toast and coffee all 3 together then pappi off to work and me either off to my volunteer work 3 days a week or morning market and errands. Lunch together, or with treasured expat girlfriends, then afternoon study for my work, MORE errands, learning/play time with the bird, internet, MORE study MORE learning/play with bird, cooking/dinner/clean up (me or pappi, depends....all with bird....of course. Finally...bird (and it is about time) to bed, TV time for us, calcio, news, and various other
    italian TV schiffezze. OK there you have it...full disclosure!!!!!

  3. OK, I'm also in Italy (southern Lazio). I wake up early to have some real quiet time (like 4 am today!). I go on the internet, have a cup of tea with peanut butter/honey toast or my new favorite, fig jam. At 6:30 or 7 I put the dogs, who have been standing guard outside all night, into their pen to sleep the morning away, and I go out and take a walk with a few friends for about 45 minutes. When I return it's just about time to get my son off to school. While I've been walking, my husband and son have eaten breakfast. Off they go at 8 a.m. I straighten up the kitchen mess (sigh) and start to plan my morning. I may go to Italian class, spend the a.m. cleaning (I've never needed to clean so much!!), doing laundry, shopping for food, baking, cooking, on the internet. I try to read for a while and I want to write, but alas, there are often workers around (finishing up this house) and we only just got internal doors, so there's been no privacy. We eat a big lunch, Italian style (pasta, meat, vegetables, water, wine, fruit) at 1:15 when our son gets home from school. Sometimes I take a nap (getting up at 4 a.m. takes its toll), my son has tutoring or swimming. I read some more. I knit. I do my Italian homework. Then it's...what's for dinner? I throw together something light...a soup in the winter, a sandwhich or pizza in the summer. Friends often drop by. In the summer we'll head down to "Campo Sportivo" just a short walk down the road where there's music and sports until midnight. And another sweet day is over! I avoid the Comune and Questura whenever I want to have a great day. Expat "Diane"

  4. Thanks for the days, Diane I don't know how you manage to get up at 4am.