Friday, April 13, 2007

Summer begins today

Well not really, but for us today marks a mood change. This ski season has been a bit weird, plenty of snow in the mountains but none in the valley. So it's been hard to get in the mood. Never the less I managed to ski about 17 days, counting the two in Switzerland. Here in Belluno it's very warm today, at 5:15 this evening it's 74 f. outside. But since the final closing of the slopes is on Sunday, we took the day off to finish the ski season.

Turns out it was a lot of fun. We started for one spot but the lefts were closed so we went up ther road a bit farther and eventually skiied on the Mamolada which I think is one of or the highest point in the area at about 3,342 meters. I takes three gondolas to get there from the base, the first going almost vertical. I was always a bet afraid of it having never tired it and only riden up on the gondola in the summer when the view down is very long and steep. However, in reality it's just another intermediate run. The snow at the top was nearly perfect, the slopes wide and groomed with few skiiers and the views are too fantastic for me to describe. It was a short day as you can imagine with the warm weather the snow at the bottom can only be described as very heavy and wet.

So we closed out the season, finished skiing early had a nice cold beer and headed home. Now we can put the winter stuff away and get into the Summer frame of mind.

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