Sunday, April 15, 2007

Paragliding in Italy

You drive to the end of the road going up a mountain above us. It takes maybe 20 minutes, the road should be one way, so one has to watch for traffic in the opposite direction then pull over so the two cars can pass. Then it's about a 20 min. hike to the spot where the paragliders take off. There is a nice flat area with a big view of Belluno and the surrounding area. We happened to meet Alberto who is a ski diving instructor here. I have talked with him a few times at the airport. He does the paragliding just for fun.
It was a warm, clear day with no clouds in the sky. We had a nice time with a little picnic and watched Alberto take off. He sailed around for half an hour or more then came back and landed in the spot he took off from. Said it was a little turbulent, but watching him it all looks so smooth and peacful. When we left he told he was waiting for a friend and would go up again.

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