Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter in Italy

It's Monday the day after Easter. This is a national holiday in Italy so it's pretty quiet. The weekend and holiday gets a mixed review. Very good in general but bad in that there was a virus running through the family.

Erin our daughter who lives in Switzerland arrived late Thursday night about an hour after the virus hit me and I had to go to bed. Next day I was out. Luisa too wasn't feeling so good. Erin wanted to buy a stroller for her coming baby in Italy so luckily she found what she wanted on Friday and spent the rest of the day studying the complex workings of a modern stroller. Amazing how detailed they are. While, I groaned on the couch.

But Saturday was a pretty good day for everyone. It was sunny and warm. All the kids had fun playing in the yard, and we did a tour of the open market in town. Bad news came Saturday night when Erin and Ueli both got the fast moving virus in spite of having taken precautions. Luckily Davis did not get it.

Sunday, Easter a day of recovery for some. The mass at our church was nice. I always like going to the one that is geared towards the families with kids, the choir is accompanied by teenage guitar players and the singing is pretty lively. It has a nice warm feeling.

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