Friday, March 30, 2007

TGIF 03-30- 2007

Today, well not much new, we have decided to try and rent our guest rooms out for a little extra cash. And I'm working on our Help U Design blog trying to drive some traffic to it. All of this is about an attempt to create multiple streams of income. Doing architecture in California while living in Italy is a cool idea and works just fine as far doing the work is concerned. The problem is getting new work. What we really need is an agressive partner in San Diego who can pass on the work to us. Juergen the fellow who works for us more or less one day a week has been a life saver, but the time he can give us is very limited.

Yeah, I've added adsense ads here, hey every click counts. So go ahead click away.

What a life, my two oldest daughters are pregnant at the same time, I'll be going from a grandfather of 1 to 4 almost over night what could be cooler than that. At the sametime I have Julia and Giovanni to raise, life takes a lot of strange turns but these are all good.

Looking forward to Easter, Erin, Uli, Davis and 1b (no name yet) are coming down here Thursday night.

I am feeling too healthy lately, always makes me wonder what lurks beneath the surface waiting to raise it's ugly head at any moment. Get this I'm skiing better than I ever have and swimming a mile (1,700 meters) two or three times a week. Wow, at 63 the body can still get better. Now if my ankle would just stop hurting most of the time.

So Luisa just brought a glass of wine, salami, and cheese, that must be what's making me so healthy. I guess that's the signal to sign off for now, ciao tutti.

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