Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What we have been doing

The last big activity was three days of skiing the weekend before last. We went to Valdaora and stayed in a nice little apartment. A friend of Luisa's came there to spend their "white week". They came on Sunday but we just spent the weekend arriving on Friday afternoon leaving Monday afternoon. This area is in the part of Italy where most everyone still wishes they were part of Austria. German is the first language, though everyone also speaks Italian. The skiing there is wide open slopes and very long runs, mostly intermediate. The weather was sunny, cold and extremely windy on the top of the mountain, but lower very nice. It's a great place to ski except for one problem, too many people.

Big event there was Giovanni getting lost on the slopes. He was insisting on skiing ahead of everyone, I warned him the day before if didn't stay with us he would get lost and the next day guess what. We had a very tense hour but as I thought would happen, he started crying when he could not see us and a German couple took him up to the top and dropped him off at the Carbinieri so once we got the word out they told us where he was.

This last weekend I had a cold so we did not do much, but we did go to the "Carnivale" in a nearby town. I guess if the kids liked it must have been good. Anyway it was pretty boring. Basically they had this sort of parade in which they had about ten participants and somehow managed to make it last over two hours. Each group had to come up on the bandstand and have their picture taken with the town queen and get a little prize for participating.

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